Padova / Italy

Über mich

Since January 2017 I’m fabber at the FabLab Network srl (Padova/Italy). My task is to find, create and accelerate digital business with high value added. And I love it! I’m also project manager and team leader since 2000 at the Business Research srl (Padova/Italy), building and managing internet solution for company, software applications and mobile app.


  • develop of desktop, mobile, Facebook App web sites.
  • develop of web applications based on Javascript, Ajax, jQuery and other frameworks.
  • develop of Web Applications based in Java and PHP language with mysql
  • develop of games using Unity.
  • develop of Android applications.
  • CSS1/2/3, Webkit and moz engine high level.
  • Javascript, jQuery, Prototype.
  • Java, PHP.
  • Design of desktop and mobile sites UI.
  • Unity game scripting.

I’m also project professor/tutor for companies or training organizations: development, web-marketing, online communication, social networks, mobile applications.

Erfahrung in Innovationsprojekten

With my work team I developed a lot of innovation projects, for example:

  • FabKey: open a door throug a NFC tag, monitoring an access list in a web site. Technologies: INTEL, tag NFC, Arduino, Web Server Linux, WiFi, MySql
    Link of the project:
  • 3D Printing: reproduction of pieces of vintage cars no longer in production
  • Device created to detect the efficacy of the Speedcams (Arduino technology)
  • Device which detect the temperature in a cold room (Arduino technology)

The last ambitious project is the „Vitruvian Game – Wuingsuit VR„, we simulate the game of a wingsuit with an iron cusom construction that contain a man. This construction consist in 2 concentric centers like  Vitruvian Man (or 2 cyr wheel). INTEL Edison controls 2 motors that rotate right and left with a single hand. Link:; Official page:

Vitruvian Game






Kompetenzen und Fertigkeiten

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